2017 SAC Board of Directors

A Letter from Our New President, 

Dr. Charles Coutinho:

Dear Fellow SAC Members,

I would like to thank my fellow board members for placing enough trust in me to elect me President of SAC. I hope, trust and shall work to fulfill the expectations that you have placed on me. I first would like to acknowledge all the hard work that was done by my predecessors: Mary Clare Bergin and Dr. Jacqueline Paprin. I believe that we all owe them a word of thanks from all of us. Accordingly, as an acknowledgement of all of their efforts on SAC's behalf over the years, both Mary Clare and Jacqueline have agreed to be named 'President Emerita' of SAC. Second, I would like for all SAC members to take the time to interact with our board and to come to one of the various events that SAC is planning in the months ahead. The first one being our annual Easter Egg Hunt this coming April. Additionally, you may if you have the time and the inclination, join one of our committees (which are listed on this website), to assist the board in making SAC a more viable and worthwhile organization. Finally, please feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions or ideas that you might have. I would only be too happy to respond. You can write me at: Office@SuttonAreaCommunity.org.

Thank you all for being members of our wonderful organization!

Charles G.V. Coutinho, Ph.D

Our 2017 Board of Directors

President Dr. Charles Coutinho,

 Bernard Dworkin,Mary Clare Begin + Charlene Soltz Etkes + Vivian Lewies + Vangeli Kaseluris + Gracia Kelly + Marge Posner + Frederick Specht

 + Zain Hasan + Allison Joy Phillips + Peggy Willenbucher + Rachel Honig

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