Our Committees

Here at SAC, we want to make it super easy (and we mean that!) to contribute to the community in whatever way works for your lifestyle. Take a look at our active committee list below and let us know how you want to help.

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Membership - Dr. Charles Coutinho, Chair

Responsible for resident and building membership and maintaining membership files as well as reach out for new membership through membership events, mailings and other campaigns.

Government Relations - Peggy Willenbucher, Chair

Monitors police services and public safety, deals with traffic, water tunnel and other municipal development, bus routes, and other matter.

17th Precinct - Charlene Soltz Etkes, Chair

Responsible for reviewing city services (organizes improvement in police, fire, sanitation, transportation services and traffic, and public safety).

Bulletin - Vivian Lewis, Chair

Our task is to write, edit and assemble the SAC Bulletin. This publication is a hard copy version of Sac events and activities. It is distributed periodically to the membership and neighbors.

Beautification - Vangeli Kaseluris, Chair

Responsible for overseeing improvement and maintenance of neighborhood Parks; First Avenue streetscape beautification such as tree fences and plantings, installation of new street lights, trash collections receptacles, awnings, etc.

Communications - Vangeli Kaseluris, Chair

Helping with the SAC social media. Disseminating information about SAC activities, events, and positions to the media, the membership, and the community at large; mailing sub committee, public relations, and maintenance of the SAC bulletin board.

Merchants - Mary Clare and Allison Joy Philips, Co-Chair's

Responsible for working with neighborhood merchants and professional firms to help increase their business and promote a unique Sutton Area identity.

Nominations- Harry Issler, Chair

Grants and Awards-Dr. Charles Coutinho, Chair

Special Events -Dr. Charles Coutinho, Chair

Responsible for the annual SAC Gala, Taste of Sutton, and other special events such as the annual Christmas tree and Menorah lighting.

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